With furious competition and slim profits environment in current, in order to reduce the cost of production, printing house usually will chose poor quality paper to printing because of that paper plays a large proportion in printing cost. However, choosing poor quality paper often will bring a series of problems, such as low productivity and high rejection rate because of pull-up, foam, poor smoothness of paper and different shades of printing color and so on. Those a series of problems cause customer complaint frequently and even lose the customer. It is not worth to do like this.

YT-300 PRIMER COATING FOR PAPER is a new research and development product by Guangzhou Print Area Trading CO., LTD, which can effectively help printing house get the higher printing quality even if choose poor quality paper.
Product Performance:
Coating layer is very thin: 1KG Primer Coating for Paper can coat folio 8000 to 10000 sheets.
(Customer can choose coating the whole paper or coating image area)

Make paper surface much smoother and glosser, improve the print products’ glossiness;
Efficient to deal with paper distortion
Improving the accuracy of process color overprint ,sharp contrast to light and shade;
Can be adhesive to most of paper powder when coating ;
Less time to clean the blankets due to the shredded paper, reduce the wastage of paper and rejection rate;
Minimizing pores and protecting color from bleeding into the bottom of paper
Thinner coatings due to the pressure of YT-300 and faster drying, never affect polished, blister and baste in the later processing etc.
◆ Perhaps, you solve this problem by “transparence”, but transparence coating is much thicker and dry slowly. It will increase dot’s enlargement rate when CMYK printing, which easy cause a series of problems.
◆ Therefore, using Yin Yu YT-300 Primer Coating for Paper not only can reduce your
cost of production, but also improve product quality and production efficiency.