Package: 1KG/can, 10cans/carton
UV MEGACURE series is printing ink which drying by ultraviolet, having excellent performance that general offset printing inks does not have.
Fast drying, adaptable to high-speed printing;
Excellent transferring quality, easy adaptability to dampening, good ink-water balance, suitable for long time printing;
Good adherence, strong surface film, strong scuff resistance
Vivid color, rich in printing layer, high gloss
Low odor and almost no stimulus to human skin

UV MEGACURE series use wide, can be used in all kinds of paper and various plastic foil, which is MGC Printing Paper Ink series and UV-PST Plastic Foil series. This series choose high quality raw materials, making the effect of vivid color of printing, high gloss and strong diaphaneity. Except CMYK four basis colors, there are so many kinds of PANTONE color UV ink and UV ink additives, such as Jelly Compound, Ink Paste, Slipping Agent, desiccant etc, can meet and adapt the different requirements of customers.