European printing companies actively apply the EU eco-label

The EU Eco-label is a voluntary eco-labeling system and paid, although the use and application of eco-labeling expensive to apply more stringent standards, but the intention is to encourage manufacturers to showcase green performance of their products to consumers. Currently, the EU eco-label has gradually been recognized by consumers, this eco-label affixed to the product, the popularity has gradually increased. In recent years, European printers have their print products to apply this eco-label.

Basic application label

The EU eco-label focus attention mainly on paper and printing method requirements. It also relates to the use of certain materials. For example, to disable some of the material is harmful to health. Also, the printing cycle relates to the availability of the product, the product is to be renewable and deinking. There generation and processing of waste emissions and energy consumption in the production of printing. Also includes product marketability. Importantly, the standard applies to all process steps, and the entry into force of all production printing production sites. Part of the product or service from subcontractors must also comply with the standards. In the paper, the only EU eco-label affixed to apply the same paper.

Application takes Amount

Want to use eco-labels or printing each manufacturer must bid for the German quality assurance and certification company. German quality assurance and certification company is Germany's official authority. Payment divided by the size of the enterprise level. Specifically, according to the application fee and annual fee to distinguish. Application fee paid at the time of application, large companies € 1200, € 600 SMEs, micro-enterprises is 300 euros. If the enterprise in accordance with the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) or ISO14001 certification, costs can be reduced by 20%.

In addition, as long as the business an EU eco-label use, it is necessary in accordance with the size of the enterprise and how much to pay the annual cost of sales. Enterprises with annual sales of more than one million euros to pay € 1500, small businesses pay 300 euros.

For the meaning of printed products

EU Ecolabel is the official environmental label can be used in Europe. To this end, with the participation of all Member States the appropriate standards development and standards for decision. Environmental labeling across Europe to help seek environmentally friendly products. Compared with the "Blue Angel" or "Nordic Swan" environmental label, the role of the EU eco-label large. This means that once an application in Germany, the label can use throughout Europe, without additional applications.

If the company access to the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) certification, the application fee for a discount. German quality assurance and certification company just tried to apply for fee concessions already discounted in accordance with EMAS or ISO14001 certified company, because these enterprises in environmental protection has demonstrated a strong sense of responsibility. But unlike these enterprises must meet the special requirements of EMAS and ISO14001 EU eco-label.

Through publications inform the public about environmental labeling, is a traditional form of publicity. But now the German quality assurance and certification company has some special way to the Indian corporate propaganda. For example, in May 2012, the German quality assurance and certification company colleagues and co-organized by the Austrian committee a seminar in Berlin. Introduced the EU eco-label, welcomed by the participants. The seminar also participated in a lot of printing, after printing has been successfully applied for eight EU eco-label.